Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year in the New Forest

Happy New Year to you all.

I hope you all had a wonderful break (for those of you who got one). I won't regail you with stories of my drunken episodes at New Year because in fact I don’t have any. I had one bottle of Bulmers and cosied up with boyf on the couch and watched Disaster Movie. Juvinile humour which I just love. I hate going out at New Year and I refuse…REFUSE I tell you, to pay to get into my local (not that I ever go there anyway) for a hyped up, charge you double for everything, anti climax of a night which is the same as any other but with a countdown at the end of it. I hope you all had a good night though whatever you did. Sorry for my views but there you have it. Another reason for the cosy night in with only the one bottle was that me and boyf headed off to the New Forest for some chillaxing and fresh air. Something we don't have in London. Oh you don't realise it isn't there until you get some. We went to Lymington with its quaint little shops and cosy pubs. You know the type where a newbie walks in and everyone turns around to look. I really liked this place but unfortunately you can't get anywhere unless you have a car, and the Sat Nav was a godsend. How we ever managed to get around without it I don't know. I annoyed boyf a little I think with my brand new Uggs which I stupidly wore on an unexpectedly muddy ramble in the forest. There were plenty of beautiful sites to see and walks to walk so once i had changed into my trainers back at the hotel we headed back out to take some pics.


  1. Great pics! I LOVE the New Forest (I might have said that before!) and I'm glad you had a lovely time. Clubs and pubs do take the mickey on New Year's Eve, don't they?

    Hope your new year's got off to a good start :o)

  2. Thanks, no special talent needed when you have views like that. I would definately go back but not to the same hotel purely because of its location.
    I can understand clubs charging the earth because its what they do anyway but your local? I just cant get over the cheek of charging your regulars to enter a pub. Look at me ranting again.
    My New Year has been lovely so far thanks. I have TAB with me so it seems you're getting off to a good start! I'm taking a leaf out of your book (quite literally)

  3. It's a lovely part of the world, the New Forest. Nothing 'new' about it, though!

  4. Those are fab pics hon....and I'm glad you had a lovely New Year even if you are not a fan!!

    C x

  5. The Dotterel - It is just beautiful and I was sad to come home after only 2 days but i couldnt live there. Im too used to living in London.

    Thanks C - I did have a lovely new year, I've learnt to stay indoors :)

  6. I stayed in on new year too. Always do. I don't like packed pubs and like you - I don't see why I should pay to get into somewhere that yesterday was free. very naughty.
    On that note - Happy new year!

  7. L - It is really cheeky. Cant stand new year aaargh. Happy New Year to you though :)