Saturday, 7 March 2009

Leeds Castle

On Saturday me and boyf took a trip to Kent to see Leeds Castle which has been home to the likes of Henry the Eighth and his wives. We were lucky with the traffic and the weather so the trip only took about an hour.

The views on the walk to the castle were beautiful. Shame about my dodgy camera phone!

Once inside the Castle we got to see the bathroom and sleeping quarters of the Hon. Lady Baillie, Catherine of Aragon and below the Queen's bedroom.

Outside the Castle you are given the opportunity to find you way through a maze. I got quite annoyed by this after about 20 mins. I have no sense of direction at the best of times! Once (and if) you find your way out you can visit the grotto, there was no Santa in this one but a scary face on the wall.

After a wonder around the aviaries (there were Guinness Toucans as I like to call them) we took in a live Birds of Prey show. This man was so good with the unruly ones (children not birds) I took a few more pics on boyfs camera which I hope to post here soon.
Luckily the weather stayed nice yesterday as well as me and lil sis did a car boot sale. We got rid of a lot of stuff we can't take in the move and made a tidy profit from it too. We have a lot of stuff left over so we shall prepare for another one soon.
With all that going on I did no writing and will not get a chance this weekend either as I am visiting relatives in Jersey. I shall have to make up for in the week to lower that daily word count. I haven't put my last writing attempts on ywriter yet so I dread to think what it's at now.


  1. Leeds Castle isn't in Leeds?!? Who knew?! (Not me, but my geography is appalling.)

    Great photos, especially the view :o)

  2. I thought it was in Leeds too and I was born there. Oh well you learn something new everyday.