Wednesday, 25 March 2009

You are now leaving lazyville, don't come back now!

No writing done so far this week. I am slipping big time with the word count as even though I have been doing the 100 words a day I haven’t stuck to my 354 words a day target if I’m to get the first draft finished before my holiday/brothers wedding in August. I need to get my backside into gear if I’m going to get CIM finished. I wouldn’t mind but I haven’t even been busy this week! The lull started because I took Saturday off to go to a MAC technique class to learn how to put my slap on properly. I had a good day and although this has nothing to do with writing I figure that whatever I do is research for that next story or character. Saturday night we had a BBQ just to make the most of the weather and because big bro came to visit from Cornwall for his Christmas dinner. We haven’t seen him since last year so we all got presents, so exciting!!

So in light of my frequenting lazyville yet again I am vowing to blog more, write more and be online a little bit more. I’m being very unsociable lately. I come home from work and I can’t bear the thought of turning the computer on. Normally I can’t wait to log in. So I’m turning on, logging in and not tuning out.


  1. Well a hundred words a day is better than none! At least when you're back in your stride your make-up will look good :o)

  2. lol thanks Karen. I'm too easily distracted me thinks