Sunday, 29 March 2009

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Funny Funny Funny!! Yes it was that funny. I am slightly biased because I just think Kevin James is hilarious. I was gutted when King of Queens came to an end. This film is short and sweet, which is good for me because I do tend to have the attention span of a nat (I'm assuming they have little or no attention span but I'm sure you get my point). Towards the end I found myself repeatedly turning to my friend in surprise (to her surprise) and saying 'I was not expecting that!!'. If your looking for laughs a plenty (albeit a little silly) and you like Adam Sandler humour (this film is made by his or the production company HappyMadison which makes a lot of Adam Sandler films) you must go see this. Its not one of those films that you must watch in the cinema for its full effect but it makes for a funny evening out. I went with my friend and as she is 5 months preggers and could only fit into tracksuit bottoms it was either a trip to the gym (HAHAHAHAHA) or the cinema and you can guess which one I would never have chosen.

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