Sunday, 5 July 2009

Big Brother - Big Bother!!

Why do I do it to myself every year. I say I will not watch but I always get sucked in by the addictiveness that is Big Brother. In fact as I write this I am listening to the housemates bitching and arguing right now.

Sorry for the mundane post but this is what it does to me.

I have no news or writing progress reports as I hardly did anything this week. Truth be told I have been knackered all week and this weekend has barely shown itself to me. Today I finally sorted my tip of a bedroom out so I have now space to walk across the floor without amputating a foot in the process. Yesterday pops and I went to a lovely Cornish Market at our local where we bought lashing of clotted cream and scones. One complaint though was the fact they had no scrumpy - whats all that about. I still have to recommend it though - The Cornish Yarg is particularly yummy but not strong if you like that sort of thing. Here's to next weekend!!


  1. Ah the evils of Big Brother!! I am very happy to say that I have managed to completely avoid it :-). I couldn't even name one of them!!

    C x

  2. You have true will power. its soooo addictive, but I just love it!

  3. Hallo Lily, loving your blog. Big Brother is essential viewing if you are a writer and interested in characterisation and human dynamics. It's research. I'm loving nymphy Noirin's snog-fests.
    Anna May x

  4. Hi Annamay, thanks for visiting my blog. I am loving Big B so much right now, I was glued to it when Isaak turned up and now am sad he has gone. He was hilarious and took Bea down a peg or two!