Monday, 27 July 2009

I won!!!

I had the best news today. After, as mentioned in my last post, anagramming my butt off and only coming up with one, I only went and won the competition over on Lucy's blog!! As the winner I am lucky enough to receive a signed copy of Lucy's new book Hens Reunited. I was in great company with the very funny Karen Clarke who never fails to make me laugh and last years winner Pat Posner (I am not worthy). As you can imagine I had the biggest smile on my face all afternoon, even in the face of this laughable summer which has slowly been impacting on my mood. I am off to Cyprus next Wednesday where my brother is getting married next Friday. Will I be able to resist reading Hens Reunited before I jet off? I am thinking not but as luck would have it I still have Waterstones vouchers reserved especially for the occasion. Thanks to everyone for their recommendations. I am now struggling to decide which books to buy (all) and which to take (I have to be realistic here and know that I don't read as fast or as much as I talk!) I am back off to Waterstones tomorrow, as today I got all the way there and realised my vouchers were still in my bag under my desk. I shall post then with my purchases!


  1. Congratulations on winning!! It's such a lovely feeling :-)

    Look forward to hearing what you bought

    C x

  2. Thanks C - I never win anything so it was such a nice feeling and for such a special prize as well