Sunday, 2 August 2009

Look what I got....

Yes, its my very own signed copy of Lucy Diamond's book Hens Reunited which I won. I was so exited when I got this I showed it off to everyone at work when it arrived. They were quite impressed with the message from Lucy as well!
I also bought myself:

I haven't started any of them yet as I am saving Hens Reunited for my holiday and I can't decide which of the three to take away as well. Also I am still reading The Matchbreaker by Chris Manby. I have been slow at reading this week as I have come down with a stinking cold. First my boss had it and then thought she'd share it with her staff. Luckily, as we had first thought, it wasn't the dreaded swine it was just a cold which she has slowly recovered from so hopefully the coughing, runny nose, and sniffing coming from me will be over with by the time my holiday starts on on Wednesday and more importantly by Friday when my brother will be getting married. Not only do I not want to be sneezing at any crucial moments but I don''t really want to look like crap on the day. I just had a bit of pampering at the Green Room where I had a facial and my eyelashes tinted. To me they look no different but boy did it sting so I'm telling myself it was worth it. It's hard to tell when there are faint remnants of blue/black dye around my eyes. She did warn me that would go in the next few days. She had better be right!

So as I approach the day in which I was supposed to have finished draft one I am feeling slightly guilty that I have yet again done no writing this past week (either that or the fact that i have just scoffed an entire pack of fruit pastilles which you apparently can't count as one of your 5 a day). New deadline as I previously had said is now christmas so I'm getting back to it right after this post. I may not post again between now and when I get back from Cyprus so I will see you all then!


  1. Well done on winning the book :)
    Liking the choice of other ones you have there, I just finished The Accidental Family' would deffinately recommend it! :)

  2. Thanks SE, I still can't believe I won. I loved the Accidental Mother so can't wait to get stuck in.

  3. Ooh lovely books! Hope your cold's better now and have a great holiday :o)

  4. Can I just congratulate you on officially becoming a fully fledged Novel Racer!?

    Welcome to the gang! :)

  5. Sorry to hear that you've got a stinking cold!! I really hope it clears up before your brothers wedding...have a hot toddy...kill or cure :-)

    Congratulations on winning the book and have a wonderful holiday.

    'See you' when you get back

    C x

  6. Karen - cold is completely gone and holiday was great, thanks :)

    Paige - lovely to hear from you :) ooooh, just checked and im 2nd in the wait list. do you know something I dont? I've noticed a lot of racers are leaving which is quite bitter sweet.

    Thanks C - The cold was well and truly gone by the wedding. The only reason I needed a tissue was because I cried when my brother broke down on seeing his bride walk down the aisle (tears of joy of course). I shall post some pics of him blubbing lol.

  7. Lily - Captain Black and Boob Pencil have left so that makes you an offical Racer now. I'm not sure if it's been announced on the NR blog officially yet but if you look at Boob Pencil's second post on the blog where she says we're all great, in the comments Liz F says that you are now one of us!!!!!

  8. Woooohoooo I feel like I just became a pink lady in Grease!! Do I get a special jacket?? lol Thanks for letting me know. I got back from hols late last night so just spending my last day off catching up on blogs and comments etc.

  9. Lucky you great books and a holiday in Cyprus!!!!

    You have made it to a Novle Racer! Can you email me (addy on my profile) so that I can send you invite!


  10. Thank you Liz!! It was great news to get me out of my end of holiday blues. Just sent you a mail now :) I'm looking forward to blogging my news tonight yay!