Monday, 31 August 2009

Sophie Kinsella and some writing progress

I got a reply back from Sophie Kinsella late thursday night which I found really helpful. I asked her whether she'd had any writing training (as I am still undecided on the whole course thing). Here was my reply:

Hi Cheryl (my doppelganger)

I have never studied novel-writing (can you tell?!) However many years ago I went on the Robert McKee screen-writing seminar Story which has lots of useful ideas for structure. They can be applied to novels too. So I would recommend that.


How cool is that!! So anyway I looked this up and it looked really good. He is running seminars in November but as I am saving for a house right now I decided on the cheaper alternative in the meantime:

I picked this up at my local Waterstones (where I got double points!!) and so far it's been quite insightful. I'm only a few pages in so far as I've been busy writing but I'll keep you updated on my thoughts.
My writing progress today is quite newsworthy. I did no writing on Saturday as I was nursing a hangover and was out later that day with a friend. Sunday I somehow managed to spend a whopping 5 hours (no idea how that happened) playing scrabble on facebook - luckily for the novel I am rubbish at it so the addiction didn't last much longer than that. Today I made up for it though. I (somehow) in the space of 7 hours managed to write 4545 words taking me to around 34,000 words so I'm nearly half way there. I've a few evenings to myself this week so I aim to take advantage of that and get myself to that light at the end of the tunnel just that little bit sooner.


  1. That's brilliant progress well done :o) I read the the q&a session on the website - it was really interesting - and that might be another book to add to my pile!

  2. Love the new-look blog by the way :o) (Please tell me it wasn't like that before and I've only just noticed??!)

  3. I agree with Karen, that is fantastic progress....well done you!!

    C x

    Ps. I'm also loving the new-look blog!!

  4. Karen - thank you! I had a good old read through as well and found it really useful. I'm glad you like the new look. I only changed it the other day lol

    C - thanks :) Just gotta keep up the momentum. Glad you like the new blog look too. I wasnt sure about it at first but its really growing on me.