Saturday, 15 August 2009

Some News....

My Holiday is over... Boooooo
I go back to Cyprus in 8 weeks... Hurrah
I have gone a week and have done no writing... Booooo
I am officially a Novel Racer... Hurrah

OK enough of that. Yes following a depressing wait at baggage reclaim at Heathrow I returned home to 91 emails. After deleting most of what had escaped the junk mail filter I found some great news. I have received my invite to be a fully fledged novel racer. I am sooo pleased and feel spurred on to get my novel finished.

My holiday was great! The wedding was beautiful and all went without a hitch. Here is a pic of me and the family. I am the one on the the dress that is.

I had some great pics of the sunset at Cave Greco which seems to have dissapeared off my phone so once I get the other pics off my camera I'll post them. Anyways despite being back from a too short holiday I am glad to get stuck into the writing again. I may have some more time off from work to concentrate on my writing but more on that in my next post. I'm now off to post on the Novel Racers blog for the very first time! Hurrah!!!


  1. Love the photo.

    We almost have the same word count.

  2. Hello Lily, welcome again to NR. Oooh, Cyprus... lovely. JJx

  3. Congrats, all excitement!! Hope Novel Racers is a good spur to your continuation towards publication!! Vrooom Vrooom!

  4. Fia - thank you! OOOO lets get racing, its v. exciting.

    Thanks JJ - I can thoroughly recommend Cyprus if you've never been. I can't wait to go back.

    Thanks Leatherdyke - I'm heading over to yours right after this.

    Graeme - thank you!!

    Niamh - Loved your comment. It's definately working. I've done over 1000 words today and counting. Pretty good considering they've been showing b2b episodes of King of Queens today :S

  5. Congratulations on being a fully fledged Novel Racer!! I've heard very good things about the support they give each other :-)

    The wedding looks beautiful...can't wait to see your other photo's!!

    C x

  6. Thanks C - I have found members to be supportive of me even before I joined. and non members too!