Thursday, 10 December 2009

Busy Bee

I apologise for my lack of bloggage of late.  It's been a mad week.  After the drool fest that was Friday night with Gerard Butler, I had a fabulistic time at Cally Taylor's book launch.  I met the most wonderful people: Cally herself - who I was pleased to say recognised me straightaway and introduced to me to lots more lovely people such as Leigh Forbes and Spiral Jen.  Then Karen Clarke arrived and I was so pleased to meet her and be able to thank her for all her help with my first womag sub in person.  Everyone I met that night was so interesting and friendly and I was sorry to have to drag myself away from the speeches and the singing... yes singing (not from Cally though which was a shame - there seems to be no end to her talents!).

Sunday brought me quite literally to a screeching halt when someone drove their car into the back of mine.  As a result I now have a sprained back and I am due to be moving house soon.  Oh the joy!  Luckily my car came away unscathed (well from the look of it - I am yet to have her looked at by the car doctors) and noone was seriously injured.

Monday saw an early start with me having to go to Amsterdam for the day with work.  Sadly I had to head straight to Brussels once the day was out so I saw nothing of the City except for some window ladies, and A LOT of bikes.

Work has been hectic due to my boss going on sabbatical for 6 months to Central America while I attempt to fill her shoes.  I am bricking it!  So while I try not to let the work thing get to me I have the womag group to concentrate on, along with all things christmassy and my house move.  So I may be a bit quiet until the new year.  I will be floating around your blogs leaving comments and what not.  I just wanted to let you all know I am still here!


  1. It sounds like you're incredibly busy.

    I hope your back eases soon. I thought getting a flat tyre last weekend was a bit of a pain, but at least all that entails is buying a new tyre.

  2. Oh, it was sooooo lovely to meet you at last!

    The car bump could have been far worse but I do hope your back gets better quicksmart. Otherwise you will have to get an army of men in to do the work of one woman!!

  3. Debs - It could be worse but I am such a stress head so it always seems a lot worse. i did however spend the best part of the day calling insurers, legal advisors and garages so that was fun! Tyres are a pain and so expensive too.

    Spiral - thank you! i hope so too. could do without it but I am still here so i cant complain. lol that made me laugh and so true too!

  4. It was so lovely to meet you at my launch. Am just sorry I didn't get chance to talk to you for longer. Thank you (and your sister) so much for coming! :) I feel for you with the house move. I've just finished mine and feel exhausted. Hope your back gets better soon. x

  5. Thanks Calistro, and thank you for inviting me.