Saturday, 5 December 2009

Film Review: Law Abiding Citizen

Stars: Gerard Butler, Jamie Fox

At the start of the film we are in introduced to Butler’s character Clyde Shelton, a family man who is attacked at his own front door by two burglars who brutally murder his wife and child before his very own eyes. Shelton is devastated after Fox’s character Assistant DA Nick Rice makes a plea bargain with the murderer to keep his conviction rate high. Cut to ten years later, the man who murdered Shelton's entire family is free to walk the streets. Shelton, however, has spent the last ten years studying the legal system in order to bring revenge on all involved in the case.

This film was great. I thought it would just be blood, guts, explosions and more blood and while it was that it didn’t just rely on that to reel people in. It told the story of one mans revenge and Butler does it in a way that keeps you on his side. You understand why he does what he does and he’s funny with it too.

Despite the fact that I am easily scared, I loved this film. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, in suspense and wanting more. The settings were great, plenty of scenes that have you jumping out of your skin and one in particular that makes you not want to answer your mobile ever again!

Don’t let Butler’s dodgy American accent put you off though (Lolly thought he was being Irish). He is a great actor aside from this, delivers some hilarious lines, and looks great in the buff too. Not quite sure why he needed to get naked in one particular scene as there was no shower or love making involved but hey who am I to complain!

I think the ending could have been better, as a few questions for me were left unanswered.  That said this is a great revenge film, very clever and in parts laugh out loud funny.

A great revenge film and a good laugh.  Definitely recommended from me!
8 OUT OF 10


  1. I've seen the trailer for this and it looks brilliant, so I was thinking about going to see it. Now, thanks to your review (especially the bit of him showing off his fab bod) I'll definately have to go.

  2. lol the film is good too :) hope you enjoy it