Sunday, 18 October 2009

Back home, Heaven Can Wait and a little advice needed

I 'm back! I had a lovely week of lunching, sunbathing, shopping and spending time with my mum and sister in Cyprus. My batteries are recharged and I am raring to go. Well almost. I am not looking forward to dragging myself out of my toasty bed in the morning. I am however looking forward to getting back to the writing. I made a bit of a start on the rewrite for CIM, couldn't resist but then I started to relax and leave it well alone, just so I could enjoy my week off and let my brain switch rest for a bit. I have made a start (only in my head) on a shortie for this short story competition which celebrates the release of Cally Taylor's debut novel Heaven Can Wait.

I've heard great things about this novel so far and cannot wait to get reading my copy once it arrives and of course posting a review.

With regards to the writing course I'm a little annoyed as I haven't received a single reply from either of the two creative writing tutors I emailed before my holiday. I'm seeing this as a sign of things to come and am leaning a lot further to The Writers Bureau Course. I know some of you have done this but I'd be interested what courses you took as there are quite a few. I'm thinking either this one or this one? I could really use some advice/recommendations.

Anyway, I am off to watch The Last King of Scotland again. 2 great male leads - great great film!


  1. That's a really good film, and glad you enjoyed your break :o)

    I did a course with The Writer's Bureau about seven years ago and felt it really kick-started things for me. It was all one package back then, starting with non-fiction and moving on to fiction, the theory being that it was marginally easier to publish something factual than fictional, and it really worked for me. I'd never tried writing non-fiction before but with their assignments and feedback I sold my first two articles, and it was such a boost I haven't stopped writing since!! Fiction is where my heart is so I veered into that after a while, but might not have without that early success :o) There's no reason why you can't do both!

  2. Holidays are great but there's no place like home.
    I did the Writer's Bureau course or should I say I did some of it. I did 15 assignments of the non fiction which I did enjoy but fiction was what I really wanted to do so I changed onto that course but came unstuck at the writing for radio assignment.
    To be honest I felt like I was being criticised rather than critiqued by the tutors.
    It got me started though and I'm thankful for that.

  3. Glad you had a good holiday :)

    SE x

  4. Karen - thank you, today seemed to drag on forever. My holiday seems a lifetime ago now! I like the fact that I can pick one that is tailored just for fiction as that is what I want to write. It sounds like it was a success for you. I'll let you know how I get on. My credit card is inching its way out of my purse! I really just want to get started and I'm feeling a lot happier about choosing now and your right there is no reason why I cant do both - well not at the same time thought like Ha! Thank you!

    Colette - Yes, that is what worries me but it would seem they have lots of different ones now. That was the problem with a lot of the courses I came across - they included playwriting and poetry which is not me at all. Thanks for the advice too.

    SE - Thank you!! :)

  5. Glad you had a great time and are now back home feeling full of beans :-)

    Hmmm, pretty shoddy that the tutors have not got back to you say, not a good sign of things to come!! I wonder how many potential students they have lost over the years....Good luck anyway, which ever one you decide to go with I'm sure you'll make the right choice.

    I've got Last King of Scotland on DVD (and have had for about a year) but have still not got round to watching it!!

    C x

  6. Thanks Carol - I cant believe the difference in help i got from the writers bureau. I think i might like to do a class when im more confident with my writing. At least this way I wont be made to stand up and read my work in front of people I dont know.