Thursday, 29 October 2009

Novel ideas and shorties

I've had lots of ideas floating around my head this week - mostly when I'm half asleep on the bus in the morning - I really need to carry a notepad as my short term memory is is.... what's that word again?? Sorry lame joke! One idea I had was for a novel. An idea I like even more than the one I developed into a novel. It's just an idea for now with 3 characters in my head. I won't plan anymore unless anything else pops up from out of nowhere and with any luck I will have a notepad on me. I don't really want to start a new novel until I can commit to it properly and I've got one to rewrite already - but not until I start my writing course next month.

I've also been working on two short stories for the Heaven Can Wait short story competition. I won't say much as its all anonymous but they are both completely different styles and I like them equally. Problem is I can only submit one entry. So I'm going to work on both ideas and go with the favourite. I will definitely have to go with a 2nd opinion here. The original idea I was working on had was discarded after I was told the idea was a bit too familiar and Cally Taylor's advice here is not to go with the first idea you have, to write all your ideas and go for one of the final ones as they are less likely to be used by others.

Also, still enjoying the reading. I am really enjoying This Charmless Man. Some of it is quite hard to take - very intense and emotional, something I've not found from Marian Keyes before. I'm enjoying the read though and cannot put it down.


  1. Yes I found that with the Marian Keyes novel, but well worth persevering with - I've just ordered her latest one.

    Good luck with your Heavenly story :o)

  2. Thanks Karen - oooh a new one, will look out for that!