Sunday, 4 October 2009

Still not finished yet!

Well, unfortunately I am not yet gracing the end stages of my novel just yet but I am getting there steadily. My current word count stands at 77823 and as I have a fair few scenes to put in I reckon I'll be exceeding the 80,000 word target. I've got until Thursday to finish and then I shall be leaving it to rest while the new year.

Enough of banging that same ol' drum, I'm sure your just thinking hurry up and finish already (I know I am) so I'm preparing for when I do finish. I emailed a couple of tutors at my local college in Richmond Upon Thames (RACC) about some courses I have found. One is The Hero's Journey and the other is Developing your Novel. Not quite sure which one would be best so I'll hopefully get a response on that soon (I'm rooting for the cheaper option!).

In non writing relating news I went to Wimbledon dogs on Friday night and had a great night. My first EVER bet and I won £74!! How jammy am I. I didn't win a thing after that but I still managed to have a free night out.

Last night I went with boyf and my parents to see Michael McIntyre at Wembley Arena. We had great seats (not too close to get picked on) and he was hilarious. There were a few crude jokes in there that I didn't think were his style but they had me crying with laughter.

Right, I'm off now as its back to work tomorrow :( and after that hectic weekend I am pooped!


  1. Keep going!! Also we'll be neighbours come Dec as I'm moving into a houseboat in Richmond...heading south of river (half my mates will disown me!)x

  2. I love Michael McIntyre!! His observational humour is just so funny.

    Congrats on your win at the dogs and I'm sure you'll get there on the novel!!

    C x

  3. Wow you're doing really well with your word count! I struggle to get to the 60,000 word mark let alone over 80,000!

  4. Kerry - thank you! oh how cool, I looked at river boats in Eel pie Island and they are really nice!

    C - Thanks, I was very jammy that night. MM was hilarious but I didnt realise he could be so crude!

    DJ - I've not quite made it to 80000 but the first draft is finshed. I was at 79 thousand 300 odd today but I ended up cutting a few scenes that didnt really fit in anymore.