Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Becoming a student

I have FINALLY bitten the bullet and booked a writing course.  This will be the first writing course I've signed up to (if you exclude the one day freelance course I did) and I am super excited.  I had originally planned to take a Novel and Short Story writing course with The Writers Bureau but then I decided to take a look at the OU.  Not sure why I hadn't looked on their site before really.  Anyways I am going to take the Start Writing Fiction course which is a three month course starting in October and it is with the aim to start writing short stories better than I do as I feel I tend not to have any discipline or follow any kind of structure.  My writing becomes quite confusing as a result and I know it could be a lot better given some more help and advice.  I will see how it progresses and then who knows, I may even study for a Diploma but right now I am itching to get started and can't wait until October.


  1. Welcome to the OU, fellow OU-newbie! I've just put my name down for a course too. It's weird becoming a student again. Haven't been one since 2003!

  2. Wish you luck with that one!

  3. I just finished this course in May, and I thought it was fab. I hope you get lots out of it - I certainly did! If nothing else, it gave me little deadlines to meet, which was a great motivator. Good luck!

  4. Good luck. Sounds like fun. Caroline x

  5. Good luck with your OU course. I'm doing a course with the Writers Bureau covering writing fiction & factual pieces, but it seems to come at the end of my To Do list and I still have another four assignments to do.

  6. good luck, keep us informed of your progressx

  7. Good luck with your OU - I found their writing course FAB! x

  8. I know how exciting and nerve wracking becoming a student can be (having gone through it this time last year) but I can guarantee that you will not regret it!!

    Good luck (not that you need it!)

    C x

  9. Good luck with that and please keep us informed about how it is going.

  10. Rebecca – Thank you! I am so excited. What are you studying? I haven’t been a student in about 10 years!

    Gaelikaa – Thank you!

    Sarah – That’s great, I’m so glad you liked it – am even more excited to start now :) Thanks for the luck and for visiting!

    Caroline – Thank you, It looks really interesting, I can’t believe its taken me so long to sort it out! x

    Debs – Thanks! I loved the sound of the WB course but I thought best to start with a shorter (and ahem cheaper) course. Best of luck with the course and hope you get the time to work on your assignments.

    Jenny – Thank you, will do and thanks for the visit too x

    Amanda – Thank you! I must confess I found the course after reading on W2W you did a diploma and it led me to the OU so thank you :) x

    Carol – Thank you! Luckily I wont have to attend classes or anything and for this course there is no exam (phew). I am so glad to have finally signed up, I just wish I didn’t have to wait until October to start x

    Colette – Will do, thank you!

  11. I'm doing a course called The Arts Past and Present. I't s basic all round course - it's the first course I have to do in order to get my degree in English Language and Literature.

  12. This sounds fab! Really hope it's everything you're looking for. Everyone I knows who has done a course with the OU has really enjoyed it so I'm sure you will too.

    Let me know how you get on with it.


  13. Rebecca - Sounds really good, good luck with it

    David - Thank you, me too. I can't wait to get started x