Saturday, 12 June 2010

An Award and some things you may not know about me

A huge thanks to the lovely Debs for this award. I love getting awards so this really made my day. Debs is the Editor for Little Black Dress Thursdays at Novelicious.  Her fab book reviews can be found here.

As per the award rules I must list 10 facts that you didn’t know about me and pass them on to other bloggers. I’ll try and list something completely exclusive but if you’ve heard about it on here or on facebook I apologise and I promise not to make anything up…I hope!

1. I live with my boyfriend of 6 years. He is very supportive of my writing (mainly because it means he can play Call of Duty on the X-box without me trying to talk to him.

2. I can read and write short hand. It has come in no use whatsoever but I’d like to think it will someday.

3. I once went for an admin job at MI6. I didn’t get it which is just as well as I am the most indiscreet person you will ever meet. I can keep a secret but I am just very loud!

4. I am tone deaf yet somehow I made the school choir. I also got picked along with other less vocally challenged school friends to sing at a local nightclub when I was about 10. We sang ‘Any dream will do’ with a male stripper for a charity event (don’t worry he didn’t strip).

5. I would quite like Italy to win the World Cup. I got them in the sweepstake at work so am in with a chance of winning £100 (although it would be super cool if England win).

6. I’m totally short sighted. I once mistook my sister for a parking meter. I hate wearing glasses and when I’ve been on a night out and have worn contacts I always wake up the next morning in a blind panic (excuse the pun) because I can’t remember taking them out.

7. If I won the lottery I would still continue in my quest to sell a short story to a womag. It’s not the money but it would be cool if my work was that good someone wanted to pay me for it. I would also love to go to Uni and study Creative Writing. I know I would never need work again but I love writing that much.

8. I hate flying. It makes me nervous and prompts all the following questions in me – what have I forgotten? Can I use the toilet yet? Why does the person next to me keep checking their watch? When is the food coming round? When will you let me off this sodding plane?

9. I have never broken a single bone in my body. I put that down to my lack of adventure as a child and my love of dairy milk.

10. I have super powers – OK just kidding but I have run out of interesting facts if you can call the above interesting. I suppose I could mention what I do for a living (snooze). I work for an IT Company in the Contracts and Compliance Department. I like it some days and other days I hate it. It’s not always easy to do the job properly when deals need to be done quickly and then there’s my total lack of ability to speak anything other than English and on bad days complete nonsense.

I'd like to nominate the following five brilliant bloggers:



  1. Congratulations on the award - and thanks for the nomination.

    Great facts. And Psychic Sue prdicts it won't be long before you see one of your womag stories in print.


  2. 'I once mistook my sister for a parking meter' - hahahahaha!!! Thanks for the Sunday morning chuckle.

  3. Fascinating facts. Gosh can you imagine the inspiration you would have had if you'd got that job at MI6. Incidentally when I read that fact the first time I thought it said M16 and thought you'd tried to get a job on a motorway.

  4. I love that you mistook your sister for a parking meter, so funny.

    Great answers. x

  5. Great blog - lol funny! Like Psychic Sue I too predict a short story success soon. Caroline x

  6. What a great list! I must admit I am very envious of your short-hand abilities. I'd love to be able to do that.

  7. Fantastic answers and thank you for the nomination. I've done it before but I'm going to do it again (with ten whole new facts!)

  8. A very well deserved award and I loved your ten facts (parking meter *snigger*).

    I shall do my best (once we're home) to come up with my own list of ten things....I can't guarantee that they will be interesting but there will be ten of them :-)

    *goes off all chuffed cause I've got an award*

    C x

  9. Wonderful answers, Lily! Fancy mistaking your sister for a parking meter. LOL. Thanks for the nomination. I actually received this award last July or thereabouts. I will send you the link to that meme and I will credit you as one of my nominators. I am in the process of lifting my awards out of my sidebars and putting them in a properly organised awards page but I'm trying to pin down my teenage daughter to help me with the work, which I, technophobe that I am, can't seem to manage alone.

    Thanks again, catch u on W2W over the weekend xxx

  10. Suzanne – thank you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and working on getting more out there.

    Queenie – I know, I never heard the end of it and sadly I have lost my glasses so we may have a few more mistaken identities until I get some new ones.

    Colette – it sounded like a great job, they have their own pub in the building so that workers can go for a drink and talk shop without any outsiders hearing in.

    Debs – lol Its quite shameful really. She in no way looks like a parking metre or vice versa x

    Caroline – thank you, I really hope so and the same for everyone in the group, the stories are definitely womag material x

    Talli – Thanks, I taught myself but it’s a bit wasteful as I never use it. Had I become a journalist it would be handy but I decided that wasn’t for me.

    JJ – Yay, looking forward to your new facts.

    Carol – lol thanks Looking forward to your list. Congrats x

    Gaelikaa – I know its bad but in my defence it was very dark. I did notice you had received already but I still wanted to nominate. It’s cool about the list. I can check out the one you did before. Congrats on the award. I’m not posting a story this time though as I’ll be away during the commenting. Will catch you next time though x

  11. A character in my latest book works in IT...

  12. Leigh - if you have any IT related questions just let me know. I no nothing about IT but plenty contractors who do :)

  13. As for point No 2 , its is totally outdated now I suppose.

  14. Haddock - It is for me thats for sure. Not sure whether journalists still use it.