Friday, 18 June 2010

How to Get Published evenings

Just a quick post as I am on hols and don't have long to spend on here but I just wanted to let you all know about Marie Claire's How to Get Published evenings.

They are taking place next month in various cities across the UK, with London being host on 20 July and I am definitely going.  Well I have paid anyway (I was a bit thrown by one of the comments saying it was sold out but it let me buy a ticket).
As part of the evening you will get the chance to meet author Harriet Evans in person, alongside a panel of experts, and discover what it really takes to get your name in print.

The events are 2 hours long starting at 6.30pm so is 9-5 friendly.  It gives me just enough time to get up there and hopefully learn something.  The tickets are very reasonable at only £20 which includes champagne, canapés and a fabulous goodie bag, including a copy of I Remember You.

I think that makes for a pretty good evening.  If you're interested you can buy your tickets here:


  1. This looks great - thank you for posting the details.

    Hope you're enjoying your holidays.


  2. Sounds brilliant, popping over to have a little look.

    Hope you're having a great break! x

  3. Hey Lily S, I have an award for you over at mine. Do check it out!

  4. Thanks for the details - I hadn't heard of these!

  5. That sounds like a really interesting evening...hope you have a fab time and get loads of good advice!

    C x

  6. oooh this sounds fab. I'd have to leave work at 3 to get there on time though :(

  7. I saw this and would love to go, but they don't come over here unfortunately. It sound like a great evening and I love the thought of that goodie bag.

  8. Sounds fun! Hope you're having a lovely holiday :o)

  9. Suzanne – no worries, holiday was great thanks xx

    Amanda – I know, I can’t wait to go and not just for the champage!! Break was lovely, I just need to snap out of holiday mode now and get some work done.

    Gaelikaa – Yay an award, thank you. I’m heading round after this

    Talli – No worries, I only saw this because I get email alerts from Marie Claire. This was a pretty good one.

    Carol – thank you, me too but for £20 I’ll be happy with the champagne, canapés, goodies and meeting some more like minded people so I can’t see there will be any room to complain even if I don’t learn anything (I’m sure I will learn plenty though) x

    DJ – That sounds like a bit of a mission. I shall blog about it aplenty the next day though :)

    Debs – I discussed with my cousin when I was there how she wished they didn’t have to travel to London every time they wanted to see a comedian/band etc. I do feel lucky to be conveniently situated but the stunning views you have and peacefulness of the place just can’t be beaten. It's a shame you can't make though, maybe you should run one!

    Karen – thank you. I am sadly back now and having to do some work. I may have to book some more time off soon!