Saturday, 26 June 2010

Caroline Smailes - Like Bees to Honey new widget

OK so if you, like me, were totally addicted to Stray's Black Boxes widget (below right) then you will love the new one.  Stray has now created, to coincide with the launch of Caroline Smailes new fantastic book Like Bees to Honey, a fab new widget to the right of this blog post.  It works in a similar way to the Black Boxes widget where by answering questions you can makes lots of new bee friends.  I now have 10 which I think is pretty good (I have been playing for a while now).  You can ask questions too, mine being:

'To bee or not to bee'

Sorry, couldn't resist!


  1. Keep collecting those bees... I am a big fat pink one x

  2. I'm a big fat orange bee. Love it.

  3. Morning -

    Thanks for coming over to my blog via the hive and I have been popping over from Kerry's blog too - I am finally feeling brave and saying Hi :)

    Hope you're having a good morning.


  4. I was a big fat yellow bee. I love this so much.. so much fun!

  5. I love this widget! I'm a fat blue bee. I need to come up with some more questions, though! I'm going to pop over there now, in fact...

  6. I'm loving the widget and am a big fat orange bee :-)

    C x

  7. Caroline - I had 17 bees then it went down to 11 lol i think it was something I said!

    Debs - I shall keep an eye out.

    Jessica - thanks for coming over. Have a good day :)

    Rebecca - I know but very highly addictive!

    Talli - I can't think of anymore. I thought of loads for the black boxes one.

    Carol - I shall look out for you. I have only seen stray and DJ in my hive so far (out of the bloggers I know of)