Thursday, 24 January 2008

Describing my main character

I have just finished my list for one of my 3 main male characters. He is one of two out of the 3 that isnt based on anyone I know. I wrote my character's name down and made a list of good and bad points. I wrote quite a few things for each side but he still doesn't seem real to me. I can't picture what he looks like. The other two I can picture because one is someone I know, and other I think reminds me of a character on a television show. But this one I still can't picture and therefore I am finding it quite hard to describe him. Maybe its because he is the character who the reader is supposed to dislike. Il keep working at it, any advice would be welcome in any shape or form.


  1. I forgot - what colour are his eyes? Cool blue? Warm brown? Mysterious green? Hazel?

  2. You could try asking yourself some questions until, gradually, he starts to come alive in your mind. e.g.

    Is he tall or is he short?

    Is he toned or a tiny bit flabby?

    Does he have any physical flaws?

    Does he have any tattoos?

    Would he rather wear jeans or trousers?

    Is he dark haired, red haired or fair haired?

    What's the texture of his hair like? Fine, thick, wavy?

    Does he have any moles, scars or freckles on his face?

    Are his lips full or thin?

    Facial hair - does he have any? If not does he have to shave every day or once a week?

    What's his nose like? Is it long and thin? Short and wide? Roman?

    What about his eyebrows? Are they heavy? Does he have a low brow? Or does he have arched eyebrows (can he raise one?)

    What about face shape? Does he have a strong jaw or more of a round face? Does he have high cheekbones or cute squishy cheeks?

    Hope that gets you thinking!

  3. This is Excellent. Thanks Cally. I think you should write a book of all your writing knowledge!!!

  4. Find a picture in a magazine that looks something like him - that'll help bring him to life.

  5. Thanks Dave, thats a great idea. The only problem i seem to be having now is that i can picture him but i dont think hes the main characters type. Although that would probably expain a lot.

    Thanks loads Cally and Dave