Sunday, 20 January 2008

London Baby!

I had a great day yesterday. As part of my xmas present from my lovely boyfriend we took in the sights and sounds of London. First stop, shopping in Tottenham Court Road, then Subway, tube, Madam Taussauds (please see pic with my mate Freddie). I went to MT when I first moved up to London 10 years ago and I was pleased to see all the new faces as well as some old (Humphrey Bogart being a particular favourite of mine). I was also very excited to have a sit in the BB Diary Room chair. We even had a dvd made. The Chambers Live! was so so scary and my boyf, who wasn't too impressed with me hanging onto him through it all thought it was hilarious.
Then it was onto the Ambassadors Theatre where we saw Stomp. What a great show, and surprisingly funny too. If you haven't seen it then I would thoroughly recommend it.


  1. The Chambers Live! has to be the scariest thing ever! I loved it! Me and my mate were clinging on to each other for dear life when we went through! lol!

    The whispering and singing, the bangs and screaming! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

    Did you see the guy that climbed up the walls above you?

  2. Im still shaking just thinking about it. i didnt see much cuz i was walking with my head down to avoid the guy who kept blowing in my ear. lol one kept telling me he liked my bag in a really creepy voice. i saw the guy in the cage with the bag over his head. never again!!!!