Monday, 7 January 2008

Is it just me or:

Is everyone getting engaged? If it isnt members of my family, its the people I work with. I'm in no mad rush to tie the knot with my boyfriend of 4 years but I'm starting to wonder why people who havent been together all that long seem to be proposing to each other left right and centre. I have a very fickle view of marriage. When I was younger I always said I would only get married in Vegas (thank you very much), and previous to meeting my boyfriend I had vowed that I would never marry. I now look forward to the day where my dad walks me down the ailse and gives me away (and so does he I am sure). We felt the pressure from friends and family as we attented my brother and his fiance's engagement party. People asked my boyfriend when he would make an honest woman of me. If we never tie the knot does that make me a dishonest woman and will anyone ever buy us a toaster!