Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Everyone's talking about:


The whole office is going detox and fitness crazy. A colleague who is a regular gym goer said he had never seen the gym so busy as in the first week of January. I wonder how long that lasts. I have seen a few good workout dvd's (I'm gym phobic) - I'm thinking of trying out the Dirty Dancing one - lets go for a record here and pray it lasts for longer than 2 weeks before I give it up, advising myself that it really isn't safe exercising during 'the time of the month' and following with various other excuses such as, 'it's too cold', I'm hungry and you should never exercise on an empty or full stomach. Besides my cupboards are still full of xmas sweets and treats so there wouldn't be much point in exercise now would there.


  1. I've got Strictly Come Dancersize. It's a lot of fun - not sure if it'll get me fit but trying to do all the dancing is hilarious!

  2. I havent seen that one yet. Well I've seen strictly and they all seem pretty fit but as you say its still funny trying to do the moves.