Tuesday, 13 May 2008

On a role

I have managed to stay out of holiday mode long enough today to write 590 words - this is pretty good considering the only chance I have had today is my lunch break which got cut short due to an annoying client and the last 20 mins as I have been watching the F Word with my boyfriend. Yes I deserve a wrist slap but its a great show and I love Gordon Ramsey and my boyfriend of course. Anyway, that's over double the amount I did yesterday. I figure if I keep this up I can possibly manage 2,000 words just this week alone, and then I can really enjoy my holiday. Fingers crossed (well not while I am typing obviously).


  1. Sounds like you're doing really well. I didn't mangage any words yesterday :o(

    I love the F-word too, though Gordon Ramsey seems to be getting more wrinkly by the week! Must be the stress.

  2. Thanks Karen - i just need to keep it up and try not to forget about it all together.
    lol - that made me laugh, he's going to require a fair bit of botox if hes not careful!!