Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Y's and wherefores of proper planning

I've heard a few people mention using YWriter and I have been meaning to download it for a while now. Today I finally got around to doing it and so I have spent the last 30 mins getting to grips with it. If anyone has any hints/tips for making the most of it I would be truly grateful if you can share them with me. It looks like it will be useful in organising my novel and for slotting things in here and there. I have just started setting up my character bios/goals/pics etc. I had previously started this in excel but it didn't really have the desired effect I wanted. Now I will have everything under one roof.

Aside from my novel I haven't done any other writing. I am thinking of setting up another blog though. It is writing related but more to do with mind,body and spirit - something I am also very passionate about but don't really get time to indulge in. I'll keep you posted on that as I haven't thought it through enough to start yet and I certainly wouldn't want to spend less time here because of it.


  1. The best person to ask about ywriter would Calistro. She was the one who introduced me to it.

    I can't use it for my first drafts but I found it a life saver in my editing stage.

  2. I agree. I couldn't get to grips with it at all, I'm afraid!

  3. A.Writer, thanks I shall keep that in mind. Calistro has been so good with all her advice and links etc. I think I will see how I get on and if I have any specific questions I shall see if anyone can help. I know I havent even completed my first draft but I've steamed in too fast and I'm in a bit of a mess with it. Nightmare but I'm still enjoying it.

    Karen, I'm surprising myself with it to be honest. I'm just playing about with it for now. I dont think I can do that much damage.