Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I finally met the Boosh

I met the cast of award winning series The Mighty Boosh at the ICA in London on Monday. I even got to interview them... well i asked one question which they all answered in turn. They were really nice and down to earth, and instead of making a quick exit they stuck around in the bar to chat with us only for them to watch us leave as we made our way to the London eye which gave us an amazing view at night.

Me and Noel Fielding aka Vince Noir

My boyf and Noel from the Boosh

My boyf and Mike Fielding aka Naboo from the Boosh

London by Night


  1. How exciting!

    Was Noel Fielding in The IT Crowd as well? I loved that programme.

  2. Yes he was. I wish he was in it more often. Have you seen him in the Mighty Boosh?

  3. Love the photos from the London Eye! Gutted I never got to go on it!

  4. I think my boyf took them. My photos were really bad. Ive been both in daylight and at night and it is so much nice at night. London looks magical when its lit up at night.