Wednesday, 27 February 2008

This just came throught my door!!

It's payday on Friday and I just received my Waterstones Card. I feel a very heavy paperbacky shopping spree acomin'!

I have booked today off work to get some writing done. In the last hour I have worked a fair bit on my 5 photo short story (which is nearly finished, I just need to fight the urge to stop thinking of new ideas for it, damn that one entry only limit), sorted through the post, made coffee and eaten 2 rich tea biscuits and 4 chocolate hobknobs, made coffee and now written most of my blog! All that and its only 11 o'clock. At my paid job I probably wouldn't have managed half that.

I would have been up even earlier but last night was a work night out. We had a visitor from our Belgian Office who coincidently is one of my main characters so it doubled up as novel research for me. I think it is true that a writer is never off duty!

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