Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Short Stories

I haven't written much of my novel lately as I have been busy setting up character profiles for my 5 main characters. Two of the male characters are completed on paper and the rest are in my head waiting to reach the big screen.
I have also been hooked on my short story writing. I went onto Cally's website and had a go on Cally Taylor and Sally Quilford's short story generator which I think is genius. I struggle when it comes to deciding who or what to write about and now I don't have to. The setting I was given was a Telephone Exchange and I remembered my mum telling me that my Aunt worked their many years ago so I decided to ask a few questions:

What was the name of the place where you worked?

Did men and women work there? Was it mostly women or men? Were there a lot of people working there?

Can you describe what the building smelled like (if any particular smells)

Was it noisy - if so what were the noises (people talking etc)?

Did you enjoy working there?

What did the place look like (messy, cluttered, large spaces or small)

Was there a uniform?

When did you work there?

Did it pay well at the time?

Was it a strict or relaxed atmosphere

What was your job title

Any stories/anecdotes?

I'm looking forward to the response. I think it will give my story a lot more authenticity.


  1. The story generator is great fun!

    It's a good idea to ask questions for authenticity. I was recently trying to describe a night-club scene in my novel, but haven't been to one for a while - then I saw a scene on a TV programme which was exactly right and it helped a lot. For instance, I didn't realise that a lot of clubs have poles in them these days!!

  2. I love it. I was so happy when I found it on Cally's website.
    Hopefully my aunt will be able to answer most of the questions as it was a fair few years ago.
    I havent been to a nightclub in a while either. The ones in London are very different to the ones in Devon where I did most of my clubbing. And who says tv is bad for you!!