Monday, 18 February 2008

Little Miss Impatient

I'm quite tired today as last night I couldn't sleep. Thats the problem on only having a 2 day weekend. You are up early for work Friday so therefore you go out saturday night. Then you spend half of Sunday asleep and you can't sleep Sunday Night. The three day weekend has my vote. Anyway something good came out of my lack of sleep. I shot up and grabbed my writing folder (yes I still have it) and managed to write out a whole page of stuff on my entry for the First Line short story competition. Its quite eerie for me which I like. I'm used to writing chick lit and never thought I could do any other genres. I would love to be able to write a good thriller, maybe its an avenue for me afterall. Anyways its back the novel today as I have not done anything with it for a looong time. I seem to be whizzing through my chapters too quickly. That's me Miss Impatient! I've taken out The Domestic Goddess to read again and I will take note of how descriptive it is.

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