Friday, 22 February 2008

Make sure you dont miss this

I've just been to see Juno. What a great film. It wasn't side splittingly funny or anything but it was witty and clever. Ellen Page is great in it and sounds like she knows what shes talking about. I loved it when she used the word Expedientially and it sounded so natural, not at all pretentious.

On the writing side of things I have made a start on making notes on The Domestic Goddess. I have done the first 2 chapters so far and despite being quite short you learn a lot about the character. My chapters don't really give too much away and they are even shorter.
I also have a word count of 287 for my short story (1st line comp) and I'm really pleased with what I have written so far. I made a start on a story for the 5-photo comp but I'm not sure if I will make that one as I've just realised the closing date is the 1st March. I might put Cally's theory on last minute writing to the test!

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