Monday, 7 April 2008

Christmas came early or late as the case maybe

It was Christmas Day at our house this weekend as my brother came to visit laden with Christmas presents. He hadn't managed to leave Devon to visit us in London due to work commitments but he made it this weekend for a 'bit of a do' as it was 30th birthday as well. It was a good gathering with all the family + other halves - the BAGS I called them (boyfriend and girlfriends - no they weren't that impressed either). I spent the best part of the night trying to work out this wine in a cage puzzle. What I lacked in skill I certainly made up for in tenacity as I finally managed to free the bottle (30 mintues later - my dad did this in 30, seconds that is!) I could not, however, muster up any further patience to get it back in again. Subsequently I didnt get much work done, but I did have a little think about doing some. Unfortunately that's as far as I got with that but I do have a clean bathroom now. I have a free evening tomorrow so I will pull my finger out and do some writing.

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