Thursday, 24 April 2008

My Character has a Cat!

Today was the first day where I had nothing to do during my lunch break. No errands to run, no money to buy things in the shops with, no emails to check, websites to search....Not a thing. So... it hit me...DO SOME WORK ON YOUR NOVEL YOU LAZY... and we'll leave it there. I couldn't think of where to start as I have sort of written a mini version of Confidence in Me and its now just a case of padding it out with ALOT of padding. So I thought I would give my character her own cat. Its a bit of a cliché I know but why not. I've always wanted one but can't (house rules) so there's no sense in us both being miserable. Anyway I have called my cat Sparky (after the cat my family had as a child). I have linked the cat to her father who I had not mentioned in the story before now. I find that in most chiclit stories that I have read the father doesn't seem as prominent as the mother - something to think about me thinks.


  1. I had a cat called Sparky. He had to get put down a couple of years ago. I miss him like crazy. Your post made me think of him...

    Thank you!

  2. Sparky's a great name for a cat. I've got one in my story too - beig a dog owner, I'm not sure why really!

  3. A. Writer - the same happened to my family's cat. Its sad when a pet dies. I'm glad it made you think of him.

    Karen - I know, I dont know where my parents got the name from. I'm going to ask them though. Pets are good companions and I like the thought of one day having one of my own.