Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Early Post

Not much to say today as its still only .5 way through the day. I thought it best to get blog post done so I dont faff around on it later. Boyfriend is off to the football tonight so I have the whole evening and no excuses. I WILL WRITE SOMETHING. I picked up from where I left off on my first line short story last night. Ive written just over 400 words (its beween 300-3000). I like what I've written. Its a sad piece and when I read it through last night I did get a tear in my eye, which is good because I wrote it. I love a good old weepy so I know exactly what it needs to be heartbreaking but I don't know whether I have enough. I think its time to let my no.1 critiquer read it.

On another note I only have one more chapter of My Booky Wook left. Aaaaaghhh now what am I going snuggle up with at bedtime. Can some please recommend a good book???


  1. If you like something with a hint of menace (but not too scary) I can recommend The House at Midnight, by Lucie of ex-graduates meet up every weekend at big, manor house, which starts to have a strange effect on the owner. I loved it! For 'feel-good' Rainy Days and Tuesdays by Claire Allen :o)

  2. I dont normally read anything like that but whilst I am in the spirit of trying new genres I will definately give it go. Thanks. Lets just hope it tops the last book I read.