Thursday, 17 April 2008

Making some time for me... and how to write like Carrie Bradshaw.... sort of

Ok so I am over my little episode. I have my new phone and my dust caps which are still attached the car as far as I am aware.

I have been really tired of late, I mean exhausted which is odd because I dont really do much. I have booked Monday off so I am going to chillax to the max all this weekend and use Monday to work on finishing my short story for the first line comp. I have decided not to add too much more to it as it already has quite a big build up and a huge ooooohhhh!!!. I just need one other person to read it and then can tidy it up and get it sent off. I haven't seen any other competitions which I'd like to enter to I will be able to concentrate 100% on Confidence in Me.

I have also booked my holiday. I am off to Gran Canaria for a week in May with my boyf so I can see some light and the end of the tunnel FINALLY!

Also, on another note I have noticed that 'how to write like Carrie Bradshaw' has been entered into the search engine a few times which is linking people to my page. Its a shame I am not actually offering that sort of advice. How about this:

-start all of your articles with a question
- write about relationships and sex
-live in New York
-have unlit cigarette in mouth constantly - or nicotine patch on arm
-have laptop
-wear a vest without bra quite a lot
- have a shoe addiction

Hope that was informative enough (sorry I had to improvise a bit towards the end)


  1. I like the phrase 'chillax to the max' but fear I may be too old to use it!

    The holiday sounds great...nice to have something to look forward to.

    Love the Carrie Bradshaw advice, but sadly my wearing-a-vest-without-a-bra days are over. I can manage the shoe addiction though :o)

  2. Your 'Write like Carrie' advice made me giggle. I think the only thing I do is 'have a laptop'. lol!

  3. Karen - dont worry i think most people are too old to use it. I love the word chillax. I heard it on Gavin & Stacey, made me laugh soooo much.
    The holiday will be a very welcome break. I am counting down the days.
    Im glad you liked the advice. i think all the suggestions are a no go for me.

    A. Writer - thanks, I aim to please. lol Oh yes have a lap top I think I can check that one off. Now if only I can get a place to live in New York... and a job. ok forget it!