Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Belgian Blogger

Today I am in Brussels working in one of my Company's (not my Company - the one I work for) other offices. The office is very nice, much nicer than ours in that it actually has air conditioning and a toilet brush. I am without a computer in the evening for the next few days so haven't been able to do my 100 words. I know I know..pen and paper...feel free to yell at me. I will definately try and get some done today and not take another year trying to get another 25% done.
Oh I have just chucked away a very dodgy looking snicker bar which I bought for €1.40. No idea how long it has been around and it was half the size of a normal bar. That will teach me not to buy the Belgian Chocs.

In more writing and less chocolate related news I have purchased my copy of Company since I last blogged (not yet managed to get the Galaxy bar yet - what is wrong with me??) I am currently working on my story for that which I am very enthusiastic about so thanks to Helen for posting that on the Novel Racers blog.

Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. I've also bought my copy of Company, but haven't got as far as writing anything for the comp yet!

  2. It sounds like a brilliant comp. Bit like Miss Write but in Short Story format.