Monday, 11 August 2008

Nearly a quarter of the way there

Nearly at that quarter way mark. Over the next few days? No probs. Feeling quite tired now. Need all my energy for Aquafit tomorrow. I ACHE just thinking about it. I need to look good for wedding on Sat (not my own I should add). Sorry it sounds like a robot is writing this but I left it too late to write anything interesting and human but wanted to say HELLO.


  1. I'm struggling to do much writing at the moment, what with visitors all over the place, but hello back!

    I'd be no good as aquafit - I don't like water!

  2. I'm nearly a quarter of the way though mine too. It certainly helps posting to 100 wds per day.

    You are good going to aquafit, the most exercise I do is walking to the car and back, oh yes and I walk the dog too but that's not really energetic.

  3. Karen - I bet you miss it. I know I would. I would say write whilst in the bath but that would be very very bad for your computer. It does help if you like water as theres a lot of it! I am really uncoordinated but I think its funny.

    Debs - I had given up on my novel before the 100 words came along. I am so grateful for it and it just seems to add up really quickly. I am only just getting into the aquafit and despite the aching I feel so much better for it. Walking is great exercise but I don't walk more than a few feet a day.

    Paige - Hellloooooo!!!

  4. Congrats on reaching nearly the quarter of the way there Lilly!:)

  5. Thanks Kerry - I wont be adding on my weeks 100 words until the weekend so hopefully I'l have made it. I'm going to TRY and make an effort tomorrow night.