Tuesday, 19 August 2008

For Lolly

This post is dedicated to Lolly

As requested I am dedicating this to my lovely sister Lolly. Yes that’s Lolly and Lily. Don’t judge us please. I read an article recently about an author who used a pseudonym like a lot of us (yes that includes me). It struck me as very interesting that the author was a man taking on the persona of a woman. This enabled him to write a woman's character and views more freely. I wonder if I renamed myself Keith Merewhether, whether that would enable me to tap into my more masculine side. What is in a name? I know I don’t tend to look at the names on books unless someone has recommended one to me or I'm looking for an author I particularly like. I always use my real name for short stories but felt that Lily was more suited to the type of book I am writing. Would I still read a chicklit novel if it were written by a man. Maybe I have done and just didn't know about it. Maybe I may try my next short story under a male pseudonym and see where it gets me.


  1. Interesting! I've never thought of this before! I've only read a handful of chick litty books that have been written by a man (I think) and they were fab!

    As for giving myself a male pen name... I think that would be good fun! My nickname at work is Ernest or Ernie so I would probably go for that!

  2. I don't think I have read any at all that were by a man, or at least any that said they were written by a man. I wouldn't mind reading one to see the differences, if there are any.
    I am quite taken with Keith Merewhether now. No idea where I got that name. lol Can I ask why your nickname is Ernest?

  3. I've only read one, that I'm aware of and it was written with a female writer too, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Male pen name, not sure, um, I actually like the idea of initials.

  4. I think having a psuedonym frees you up to write things you maybe couldn't as yourself? I don't know. Some men write short stories for the women's magazine market under a female pen name because they feel they're more likely to succeed.

    I'd be Nick Hardcastle, if I had to choose a name! God knows why.

  5. Debs - I will definately keep an eye out for them. I like the idea of initials. Hey if works for J.K and J.R.R!!

    Karen - Yes your right there. In the article it touched upon that point. I like that name, if I see any stories under that name I'll know who it is!!

  6. Ernest came from the people at work trying to find the male version of my name - my real name that is. For some reason Ernest came out and stuck... even though it is nothing like my real name. *shrugs*

  7. lol i love nicknames - they make you feel like one of the gang