Monday, 4 August 2008

I made the top three!!

Yay I came runner up at something. The lovely Lucy Diamond and her other half placed me in good company at the weekend when they announced the !st, 2nd and 3rd places of the limerick competition. I really just wanted to blog about that as I am so pleased about it.

In other news I managed to well and truely mess up my blog at the weekend. I lost a lot, well all, of my widgets just because I wanted a new template. If anyone can recommend any good template sites I can visit I would be really grateful. I want it to look professional but not boring at the same time.

Right, back to the word count!!!!


  1. Congrats Lilly!! Thats awesome news. I couldn't write a Limerick if one bit me on the arse so you have my full admiration :)

  2. What exactly are widgets? I love the word haha.

    And congrats for being placed in the limerick comp!!!

  3. Aw thanks Kerry - I didnt think I could either but luckily Lucy thought otherwise. It was a great comp and a lot of fun

    Bear - Not sure exactly what a widget is which is why I agreed to discard them. I thought it was something at the bottom of a John Smiths can. If my Dad is reading this he will be shaking his head. Sorry Dad. Basically I lost my word counts, blog roll (which is slowly growing again - sorry to anyone I've not added back on yet, they arent going back on in any order, just when I find the links on other peoples sites). I was really annoyed with myself... again.
    Thanks I am reyt pleased with myself.

  4. Widgets are the add ons you put on your blog. Like blog rolls or polls etc etc... They are usually what is in your sidebar.

    Hope that helps.

    Congratulations about the limerick! I would have tried to write one but I couldn't afford to win (ha! Confident me!) as I have no place to put books!

    As for layouts, tried to do that myself once... like you I completely made a hash of it and lost everything. I swore never to try it again and keep my blog as plain as possible.

  5. Congratulations, Lily.

    I set up a blog for hubby t'other day then tried to change the template. Got into a right muddle so abandoned that one and started fresh. It must be a nightmare trying to change an existing one, I get worried if I have to go and edit one of my posts in case everything disappears.

    Wishing you lots of words for your word count.


  6. Thanks Paige, It makes me sound all computer literate when I say it. At least now I can refer to them and actually know what they are lol
    Ha ha to be honest I don't know where I would have put them but (and I know this sounds cheesy) just to take part was enough.
    I think I'll take your advice and keep things simple, or at least wait until my brother visits (he knows what hes doing)

    Thanking you Pat, its surprising how many people have problems when they want to change the layout. Maybe if the blogger team are reading this (lol yeah right) they will give us a few more choices and I won't have stray to other sites :)
    Thanks I certanly need them (the words that is)

  7. Well done Lily!

    I won't give advice about templates, because I messed mine up once before as well! It only seems to work if you're starting a new one - and you don't want to be doing that :o)

  8. Thanks, Karen - No I wont be giving out any advice about templates in a hurry. It's annoying me cuz I get bored of it easily and there isnt a huge selection to choose from. Oh well. Il just have to work on my side bar a bit more.