Friday, 1 August 2008

Annoyed with myself

Unfortunately the short story idea came too late. I was up till one this morning, and I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I had the concept, the research but unfortunately the writing went out the window for this one. It all felt too rushed and it’s a story idea I love and I have wanted to write about my Dad being at sea for a long long time. What I had at one o’clock this morning did not do the story, me or most important of all. its characters any justice at all. I will carry on working on it and submit it elsewhere when I feel happy with it and when I find a suitable home of course. I’m just disappointed and annoyed at myself for giving up on it because it was tailor made for that competition. I will have the night off tonight as I am going to see Hancock but I'll have the whole weekend to do it right.


  1. I hope you enjoyed Hancock and that your short break from writing helped sort out the story for you. It's so frustrating when it doesn't go to plan.

  2. Hi Debs, I loved it. Id heard it wasnt that good and that it had a rubbish ending but I thought it was brilliant. And Will Smith looked gorgeous too! Yes I was so angry about that but I just couldnt send it in that condition. I will do it justice though